Tips for success in TCP:

1) SAVE EVERYTHING! Everything we write is for our final portfolio. This means you must always save digital copies of what you write, and all of the graded papers you get back. (If you do not have these at the end of the year, you will not be able to complete the portfolio.)

2) WHERE TO SAVE WORK   Never save work to the computer hard drive!  Always save your work to your H:drive, on the school computer. (Select “SAVE AS,” browse to your H:drive by clicking on “COMPUTER” from the pull-down menu, and open the H: folder.)

It is also good idea to save your work to a flash drive. If you do not have one, another trick is to email yourself your work. If you are REALLY good, you may opt for a storage space cloud service like DropBox or Google Documents.

3) SAVE ALL CORRECTED PAPERS – All handed-back papers must be saved for the portfolio at the end of the year. When you get them back from the teacher, immediately put them into your binder. In May, you will make further edits to these for your final portfolio!

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