Final Portfolio Packaging


The reason you saved all your TCP assignments over the year was so that you could revisit them and put together your portfolio, which counts as the English final portion of your grade. Here is a copy of the Final-Portfolio-Scoring-Rubric-2018. so you can better understand how the grading of this completed masterwork is achieved.

In the end, after all the pieces of the puzzle have been collected, you must consider the final four things before handing in your portfolio:

1) EDIT CREDIT – When you finally put together your portfolio, you must FIX ALL ERRORS ON ALL OF YOUR ASSIGNMENTS and then print off a clean copy. Finally, put the new fresh copy on top of the old graded assignment so we can see growth. This gets you extra points!

2) SELF ASSESSMENT ESSAY A self assessment essay is needed at the end of the year for inclusion into your final portfolio. This reviews your time in CTE as well as reflection on your final TCP English portfolio. You can download this final element here ->  SELF ASSESSMENT ESSAY

3) PACKAGING  – Portfolio Cover & Table Of Contents (See Portfolio Checklists under Grading above to help compile your Final Portfolio Table of Contents page.)

4) EXTRA CREDIT SECTION (1 point each for presentable portfolio evidence)
_____ Letters of Recommendation from Trade Professional
_____ Proof of Participation in Internship
_____ Proof of Participation in Skills USA
_____ Proof of Participation Academic Clubs
_____ Professional Certification(s)
_____ Academic Awards (attendance, merit etc…)
_____ Student Yearbook or Newspaper
_____ Published Work

  • Posted on 30. November 2012